Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Book In The Making By Hana S. Hubert

 On June 14th, the Rescue Rangers had a meeting to continue preparing for the book we are making to raise money for Eid Gifts. My contribution to the book is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, where you have to escape from a house by solving riddles and avoiding traps. Writing it was a remarkable experience, and I learned a new style of writing. I can't wait to buy the book when it is made, and hopefully everyone that purchases it will enjoy it. All of the Rescue Ranger members lent their artwork for the making of the book, and a lot of patience and hard work went into producing it.

Friday, June 5, 2015

An Eid Gift

       We will be giving gifts this Eid to people who cannot afford it. Many people in the world cannot even afford food for a night. We can help them have an enjoyable Ramadan and Eid this year by simply purchasing gifts for the needy. Both you and the recipients of the gift will be pleased, and you will receive a great reward for your course of action.

       Most Muslim families give and take presents on Eid. However, people living in poorer countries cannot afford to purchase anything for their family. Eid is a time for prayers and blessing, and Inshallah we can brighten the lives of some people, and make a difference one step at a time.

      The Rescue Rangers will be collaborating to make an activity book, with various sketches and activities the members all worked hard to come up with. The money raised will be used to purchase the gifts that the poorer Muslim families can enjoy. Lets all make a difference this Ramadan.