Tuesday, December 31, 2013


On the day of the bake sale there was also a fun activities day too. There was a lot of things to do, but my job was keeping an eye out at making bracelets. A lot of people made bracelets. This surely was fun. I got to help people make bracelets while I was making some! I hope we can do this again, but everyone changes their job to see how the other experience was to them. All my friends were there. There were a bunch of fun things to keep you on your feet and occupied. Although there was a lot of fun things my favorite was my own, making bracelets. Still all of the activities were very fun and really good. I guess all the activities were my favorite. I hope we can do another and others can come. This day was memorable and a keeper to all that came.

My activity was to make bracelets out of beads!

There Was Also A Lego Arcade, But There
Were Much More Things To Do Too!

Sand Art
Sand art was also a activity there!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hana S. Hubert: Lending a Helping Hand

        On December 19th, a bake sale took place at the Zakat Foundation. It's amazing what 60 dollars can do. For just that amount, one of the most basic needs is fulfilled for a family in the Philippines, because that's how much money it takes to build a roof. The bake sale was very successful. Not only was the food delicious, but at the same time, the Rescue Rangers had a fun area for the other kids that came.
          The Rescue Rangers got to pick their own activities so we all ended up having ones we enjoyed. I'm an artist, and I was doing face painting, so it was so much fun for me to practice painting on so many smiling faces. The children came excited, and left joyful and the whole room seemed to be full of cheer. The tables were neatly arranged, and bright, colorful signs hung from the smooth white paper that draped over them. To be there that day, it's truly a glorious thing. I have many interests, but I enjoy art the most. For me, there was no better activity, and the best part was the money we raised went straight to the Philippines, and bought roofs for the people there. It feels good to share my passion with others, and at the same time helping people in need. Hadith 36: “Allah is helping the servant as long as the servant is helping his brother.” I'm proud to be part of a group that is so dedicated to helping those in need, Alhamdulliah.  So far we have done 2 projects, a food package distribution & raised enough money for roof materials for 41 families.  That is truly a wonderful thing. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Upcoming Event

Next year we will be going to the Farmers Market in 110 N Dupont Hwy, New Castle, DE 19720. That date we are going is January 11th, 2014. We will be going to raise money for the Philippines. The Rescue Rangers will come. If you are available to come this day and you are in town you are welcome to come! We hope you can come. This day will truly help them out. This day will also be fun. All the money (100%) will go to the Philippines to help them out!

Zakat Foundation of America - ZF Helps Rebuild Philippines Following Typhoon Haiyan

Sunday, December 22, 2013

On Dec 19 we had an activity day and bake sale. Every rescue ranger held an activity booth. We had lots of fun games. We had sand art, clay art, face painting, beads, target shots, lego arcade, limbo, and lots more. One of the most fun activities was sand art. In sand art we got sugar and put it on a tray. On the tray we rubbed chalk on the sugar. Then we mixed it together and it became a new color. Then we drew on the tray. The entry fee was only $5. Every thing else was free. In the end we raised $45. From the bake sale and fun activity day we raised $1,445. Now we only have 3 more roofs left to provide a total of 41 roofs for 41 families. I hope you want to be part of those three roofs!

In this picture rescue ranger, Meryem and Anaum
 are playing with sand art.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Home is where you feel SAFE

Allhamdu li Allah, most of us have a home and everything we need. Home is where we feel we are safe and protected.
Imagine if you didn’t have a home, a roof above your head, a heater, a blanket, or even warm clothes. Think about the Philippines that face this situation because of bad weather, they need our help.
One day maybe something similar could happen to us, then we would wish someone would help us to get our home back. So let’s all be a part of the Zakat Foundation fundraising event and help the Philippines by donating food, clothes, and money. And remember this hadeeth
Abu Huraira may Allah be pleased with him narrated that the Prophet peace be upon him, said: "whomever released a distress for another in this world, Allah will release him distress on the day of resurrection"
Ward AlZahrani


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Helping and having fun at the same time

The victims of Typhoon Haiyan are looking for help from everybody. No help is small. By now you know how many people were left homeless. The bake sale on Thursday (12/19) will help the people of Bogo city and help them to put a roof on their homes. A house without a roof is not complete.The one thing they all need is metal sheet for the roof of the house. One roof cost only $60 per family.

The bake sale will also have a lot of fun activities. Please join us and also let your friends and family know. You will have fun and also help others at the same time.You can help in many ways:

1. Cook for the bake sale.
2. Come and buy food and play games
3. Donate online
4. Help spread the news

See you on Dec 19th.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Home Is For All

When you have no home, you feel sad. And the people of Philippine feel sad too. They don't have any home. Because the typhoon destroyed their homes and schools.

We are trying to help. The Philippines need food, shelter and clean water.  My friends and I are trying to raise money to make homes for them. We want to make it easy for them.

Can you all help us, please!
You can donate money to our group Zakat Foundation Rescue Rangers. You can also come visit us on 19th December at Zakat Foundation. We will have a bake sale and fun activities.

Hope to see you there,

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Home is a special place for every person

Home means where you live. It also has needs and wants but one thing is that home is where love is. Home is also where your family is. Home is nice, it's not chaos. Think about your home, think about how you live. Now think about the Philippines. They have no more houses because of the typhoon. Imagine your family without a house, how would they feel and how would you feel. You would feel unsafe and sad, right.

Thats how the filipinos feel today. A home does not have to be big with lots of rooms. Even a simple hut is home because home is where love is. Right now in Philippines they need roofs. Please send $60 for one roof. We need more than 1 roof, we need a lot of roofs. It will be kind to send extra money if you want to. Or you can spread the word to your friends so that more people can know about it. And more roofs can be build in Philippines.

Thank you

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Home is a blessing.

There many reasons for me to be thankful in life and one of them is “ Home sweet home”.
To me home is where I feel safe and is my sanctuary. It is a place I can call it my own. It is where I relax, sleep, and where I spend most of the time with my precious family. Home is where you spend every cheerful and sad moment with family. Can you imagine not having a house, a comfy bed to sleep ,and having any place to relax. The thought of not having a family and a roof over my head brings tears and scares me. Due to the typhoon many people have lost their homes. A lot of kids lost their rooms, their beds and favorite toys. Alhamdulillah that we have a safe home which is a true blessing and other luxuries that we have and sometimes don’t thank enough. When I saw some of the pictures and the destruction caused in Philippines, I felt very sad . A lot of them who survived the Typhoon have lost everything they own and are struggling in poverty. We should all be glad for things that we have. So my friends and I are trying to make a difference in those people’s lives by helping in any way we can and I know it would in turn bring happiness for the people of Philippines.

Adeeba-9 years old

Friday, December 13, 2013

Home is where the heart is.

For me, home isn't a mansion full of gold, or a castle with 50 rooms. It's where my family is, where I was raised. It's more then some walls and a roof, it's where I return to when I leave, the place I long for when I'm away. It's my safe haven from the world, where I've spent all my 10 years. If I ever move away, I'll never forget to visit. Imagine if everyone in the Philippines felt this way about their home, only to have it destroyed! But with our help, they can get it back!

    They say: "Home is where the heart is," and for most people, that is true. One of the main nessecities of life is shelter! But a house isn't the same as home. Home is where you were raised,  or lived in for a while, a place where you feel safe,  where you chose to live above all other places. That's home. And the majority of the people that survived the Philippines aren't able to afford much more then food for another week. Alhamdulillah, we're doing something about that, providing money for roofs on their houses, so that they can have a true home, with a roof given from love!

Hana Hubert age 10

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Home Sweet Home

As you know we live in our homes, and you might complain how small it is or why you don't like it. It doesn't matter! We have somewhere to sleep and live. What about in the Philippines they have nowhere to sleep. They are homeless,sad to say, and the typhoon knocked, swept, and broke their houses. Think about it. I may say my living space is small and I want my own room. When I think about it, I don't care I have a small home and I am happy to say it is my home sweet home. I can't imagine how bad it would be to be homeless out in the cold. Before you complain that you want to move to a better home, think about the Philippines and how it would be to be homeless. Where would I be without my home? I would be living out in the street without food, water, maybe even family. I would do anything to save homeless people I find in the world. That is why I want to help kids in Bogo City have homes.

You could help out now by just a simple easy and fun way.  Help us by donating and also by coming to our Bake Sale & fun day at Zakat Foundation this Thursday, Dec. 19th.

Okay know you know Bogo city houses need roofs, right? You think it would cost a lot of money, but you are wrong! $60 is enough for a family's roof. Our goal is to provide 41 or more families in Bogo city with a roof.
As you see this is what the typhoon did it's very sad. 

                                                       HOME SWEET HOME!!  

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


             Picture taken from www.zakat.org

Home means a lot to me. It is a place where I feel safe and relaxed. I couldn't picture myself without a home. I would be living on a street with no clothes, food or family.

Most people don't even think about places where there are disasters. Everyone thinks about themselves. We always think about I don't have that toy or I don't have this or that. Now in Philippines many people don't have a homes. Homes provide protection for us from the cold or heat. Also many don't have food and clean water! It is so sad that they don't have basic needs.

Well, we, the Rescue Rangers are trying to make a difference and help those people to live a better life. Now we are focusing on building houses in Bogo City. We want to give them a place to live and a place to be safe.

104,200 houses were damaged in 22 cities in Cebu! (1)

How can you help us help them? On Dec 19 we will have a bake sale to raise money for to build roofs for families who lost their homes in Bogo City. We will have yummy dinner and desert. By eating dinner at the bake sale, you can help us build roofs.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What does home mean to me?

My name is Anaum. I’m 7years old. For me home is everything. Home is a place where you feel secure and protected from every harm because you are with your family and share all the happy and sad times with them. I’m very thankful to have a safe home. I feel very sad when I think of all the homeless people in Philippines. I feel bad that they have no beds to sleep on or even warm clothes. When I saw some of the pictures on news and internet my mom showed me, I was very sad.  I cannot imagine myself being without a home or even a room and all the good stuff that I’m given by Allah and my parents. So I feel, I should not complain about the things I don’t have because there are a lot of kids in Philippines who are in need of a safe home.

So my friends and I are trying to raise money for families in Bogo city, in Philippines which will help them get roof supplies. So please help us by donating and also coming to the Bake sale and fun activities at Zakat Foundation, 21 Prestbury square, Newark DE-19713 on Dec 19th 2013.

Donating only $60 will help one family get roof for their house. The goal is to  provide roof for 41 or more families in Bogo city.

Anaum – 7years

Monday, December 9, 2013

Help the Philippines

My name is Safa and I'm 6 years old. My friends and I are trying to raise money for the people of Philippines.

On  December 19th,we are going to have a few activities. We will have a bake sale,art table, shooting range and more.
There is an entrance fee of $5.
We are having these activities at Zakat foundation 21 presbury square Newark DE.19713

I did some resreach about Philippines and found some very interesting facts.

Philippines is a chain of islands.

The official language of Philippines is Filipino and English. They also use Spanish and Arabic.

They have  a place called Chocolate Hills. It is a tourist attraction.  During dry season the grass on the hills turn brown and look like chocolate.

When I grow up I want to go to Philippines.

Age: 6

Sunday, December 8, 2013

I joined the ZF Rescue Rangers because ...

I joined the Rescue Rangers to help the hurricane victims in Philippines. My dad and I went online and researched about the hurricane. It was called Typhoon Haiyan. About 11 million have been affected and many have been left homeless.

This is the path of the typhoon. As you see, it crossed through the center of Philippines.

Brother Murat Kose from Zakat Foundation showed us a video from his visit to Philippines. In the video he showed that he visited Tacloban city and other cities. People there do not have food, water and clothes. And they have also lost their homes because of the typhoon.

In the video there was a girl who said “Please continue to help us”. So I want to help them. If you too want  to help, please come to our bake sale on Dec. 19, 2013 at Zakat Foundation center at 6:30 PM. If you cannot come, you can also donate online. Thank you!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Why am I helping the Philippines?

I am helping the Philippines because our team wants to make a big difference. Even though we are a group of kids we believe we can make a difference. I joined this group because I want to help other people. There was a lot of destruction so we want to help in any way possible. The typhoon destroyed buildings and houses.

Our goal is to raise $1000 and more.We will be hosting an event on December 19th. We will have a bake sale, arcade, spin art and many other fun activities. This event will be at  our favorite place, Zakat Foundation. For more information keep checking our page.

Friday, December 6, 2013

About typhoon Haiyan

Almost everybody knows that typhoon Haiyan has struck in the Philippines. As people know the Philippines has has three parts to it... the North,South,and the Middle. Typhoon Haiyan has struck in the Middle part. It was struck on November 8, 2013. It was one the the strongest storms ever recorded.More than 9.8 million people in the country are in need of emergency assistance,with over half a million displaced from their homes. 

Typhoon Haiyan's 150 mph winds drove huge waves ashore, crashing into villages and towns,flattening building and taking families apart. Many families are looking for food, some are even looking through garbage piles to find something to eat. Water supplies were contaminated and are now unsafe to drink. Hospitals are overwhelmed and medical supplies are running low.There are also millions of children effected by the aftermath of this Typhoon Haiyan. Haiyan's wind strength at landfall had been expected to beat out Hurricane Camille, which was 305 kph (190 mph) at landfall in the United States in 1969. 

 Get involved and help out in any way you can..