Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I met some kids who like to read and others not so much. Sometimes the reason is they can't find any good books because of a small choice, and when the choices are limited the books they can choose are boring or not their type of book. Children at hospitals can be very bored, and no good books could make it extra boring. That's why we have a goal to raise 1,000 books for children hospitals. You could easily donate books you don't like or already read (make sure they are slightly used and new) and if there is different types of books it can make it less boring for the people who read and more choices of books kids can choose from. How about all us try to achieve our goal for these children and hey even adults to make their time at the hospital not boring. I dare you!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

About the Recent Project By Adeeba Allimulla

We recently started a new projeit. We are trying to raise books to donate to the children's hospital libraries. Our goal for 2 months is to at least raise 1,000 books. We need adult and children books.They need books to get their minds of the things and just relax. So, please donate books at Zakat Foundation.


Why am I part of the Rescue Rangers?

I'm part of the Rescue Rangers because I like helping people. Right now the Rescue Rangers are collecting books for the CHOP and DuPont hosptial's libraries. I love going to the library but when kids are stuck in the hospital they can't go to a library, other than the ones inside the hospital. Their families would like to read books. We collected around 300 and our goal is to collect 1000 by the begainning of April.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hospital libraries give comfort to patients and families!

I want to talk about how important the libraries are in the hospitals.

Hospital libraries give comfort to the children who are admitted to the hospitals.

Kids sometimes stay there for weeks and month. Whenever I stay there as a patient my first thought is to go and visit the library and get some books and video games. Library books also help the family members of the patients.

Reading books is a very relaxing hobby. It takes away the stress and strain of the hospital stays. I know it did for me and my family

Please help us collect books to be donated to the hospital and join us in spreading this gesture of support and bring joy to lives of those patients and families.

Thank you ! 

By Yusuf Patel