Member Points

To earn points, post by following the rules listed below, or completing challenges. If you earn a lot of points, you can win prizes. YOU HAVE TO WRITE WEEKLY. Please do write , so that you can win prizes, and win points.

Huda: Gold
Hana: Gold
Adeeba: Bronze
Merve: 0
Samreen: 0
Shems: 0
Ward: 0
Anaum: 0
Aadil: 0
Abrar: 0
Meryam: Silver

To become member of the month, you must have the most amount of points. Earn points by posting while following the rules, or completing challenges.
Member of the Month:

1. If two people already posted twice before you, you have to wait untill the next the next day.
2.You can only post twice a week.
3. You're writing must be creative, and longer then 5 sentences.
4. You get twenty points per post. The limit is 40 points weekly.

Monthly Prizes

Bronze: 40-50: pen, choclate.
Silver: 60-80: Small toy.
Gold: 10+ : $5-10 toy.


Include your own personal experinence in your post. 10 points
Include a picture in your post. 5 points.
Comment on another person's posts. 1 point


  1. If your points have not been added, please comment below, and I will update your points,

  2. becuase you posted a lot of comments and pictures. you completed the challenges too

  3. Oh and what day is the date of the end of the month

  4. I mean like the end of the point month

  5. Ward and I didn't get our points and we each posted a post about the movie night with a picture.

  6. don't i get something .i mean i wrote

  7. Ummmmmm. You just made Huda Gold because she is your BEST friend