Thursday, April 2, 2015


Our movie night on Friday March 20  in the Zakat foundation was a big success. The whole Islamic community came.We reached our goal .Our goal was to raise  1000 books. Instead  of money  each person gave 5 books.As the people were giving books away for the needy, I was thinking we should  give some to the library  and the hospital. Kids in the hospital can read books when they are bored We watched the movie big hero six. I am  pretty sure everyone liked the movie.  We got cupcakes as snacks.The cupcakes looked like Baymax. KIDS at home should read books and also watch big hero six again . Sometimes ,instead of reading at home go to a a  library or a bookstore.    I think I love doing this project.It would  be fun  if we do another thing like this ...

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