Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Don't Waste Paper by Adam Hubert

Don't throw scrap paper away instead make something with it. You can make anything you want like snowflakes or paper airplanes. Don't use too much paper because it comes from trees. I read that paper is produced from wood pulp. Because pulp comes form trees and we do not have infinite trees, we should take care of the trees. I learned that wasting paper has an affect, green house effect because the material to prepare paper is coming from trees so lots of trees are being cut. Oxygen comes from trees which keeps humans and animals alive. Be aware that the more paper you waste, the more trees need to be cut down. Use few paper a day.  Use only what you need. Be creative and reuse them before you recycle.  Love paper, love trees, love nature. Join the Rescue Rangers to help educate others about recycling and learn to take better care of the environment.   

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