Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Soda caps

Now we are currently collecting as many as soda caps as we can. We are collecting those for the hospital. Why? When we give the soda caps to the hospital they change it into money for sick kids in the hospital. How can you help? You can snap off the soda cap every time you drink soda. At home collect as much as you can. Like if you have a party, you snap your friends caps off and tell them to do it to their parents'. Also tell your brother or sister to do the same to his friends. If all the rescue ranger members and you do this then we will be able to raise a lot of soda caps. Even tell your friends to collect some at home.When you got to the zf center bring your collected caps and give it to one of rescue ranger members. They will put it somewhere safe, where it will eventually go to the hospital. This is something that you personally can do by yourself. So don't just stand here go and start your collection of caps!

If all of us raise some caps we will raise this much!

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