Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Movie and Arts and Craft by Hana Hubert


       Sunday, April 6th, there was a Movie and Arts and Crafts day. We watched the movie:  The Life of Pi while eating popcorn. It was a gripping movie that had us at the edge if our seats. Afterwards we had a bake sale. The white table covered by a sheet was laden with fresh-smelling food that made everyone want to begin eating as soon as possible. Food was served to us in our seats, and we could sit next to our friends and chat while eating. There was a great turnout.  It was a great success and we hope to do it again. The Resuce Rangers were involved in making this a sucess. We worked hard making the posters and advertising it just so we can help those in need. We are committed to find different ways to raise money for our cause. We are in a mission to make a difference in other's life. It feels good to be part of this group, because I am part of something great. I feel good when I am making an impact in other's life. Thank you for your support. We have many events and more projects planned for the future. We can not do it alone. Get involved with us.   


  1. You are good a making paragraphs detailed

  2. Thanks. I write lots of stories, so I have practice.

  3. Maybe you could make a story on a someone donating an organ and it becomes helpful or something about a rare disease. Then you can put it on the website. I think you would do a good job in that.