Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What would I do during a Volcano eruption?

If I ever happened to be in an area near a volcano when its erupting (which I hope to never be) this is what I would do:

  • First I would pack my things like: water, food, my clothes, blanket ect. 
  • Next I would hurry out of my house and use any transportation to evacuate the area as fast as possible. I would use a bike, car, and maybe a bus or train that many people who are trying to evacuate would go on.
  • If any of those transportation wasn't available I would take a blanket to cover my head from ashes and RUN!
  • I would keep going and stop when I know that I am in safety. 
  • After I know the place has been cleaned I would go back.
When I would go home I would see that it is dirty with ashes everywhere. So now we are trying to help supply cleaning materials so they can clean their houses in Indonesia. So I hope you will support us by donating!

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