Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rare Disease Poem

Allhamdullilah, I am healthy and well, but there are many other people that have rare diseases. Here a poem I wrote about Rare Diseases, for the Rare Disease Day.

Have you heard about Rare Diseases?
It is genetic, in your DNA,
It can cause heart defect, or blood disorder,
If its present at birth, its there to stay.

Are you aware of it's impact?
Of the toll it takes on the body.
What they have to live through,
just to survive a day.

If you saw someone like that
someone with a rare disease,
Would you be part of the solution,
Or would you laugh and tease?

They cannot help being sick,
They will have it all their life,
Living through it is a trick,
Full of struggle and strife.

They are many Children with Rare Diseases,
Each day full of agonizing pain.
They are helpless children in need,
For life they must struggle and strain.
“How can we help?” You say
“Allhumdullilah, we are well.”
“And we want to help, today,”
“What can we do, please tell.”

Get Educated, Become Aware,
And learn about people who are different from you.
Take part in this community who is doing their part,
To raise money for the children, That's what you can do.


  1. Great poem Hana. Did you make it all yourself.

  2. Great poem Hana. Did you make it all yourself.