Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rare Disease: Autism

Many people know what Autism is. I am going to tell you more facts about it that you may not know.
 It is basically a mental condition present from early childhood. One person in every 68 children has Autism. One person in every 42 boys has Autism. Unfortunately, Autism doesn't have any cure. But just because someone has Autism doesn't mean that that person is bad. It just means that that person needs special care and a little more attention then a normal person. Just because someone has Autism doesn't mean they can't accomplish things in life. In fact an Autism child named Devin Ross actually made it to the Swimming Olympics! You can see that Autism people have special talents too.

Even though Devin Ross had Autism, he still went to
the Olympic Trials!
Autism children are special too!


  1. Thx adeeba and Hana, and adeeba I am pretty sure the swimming pic isn't cute. But the baby one is.

    1. Yeah, the baby is the cutest, and Devin Ross's story was pretty amazing too.

    2. Yeah the story was cool

  2. Great job! I liked your writing.