Monday, May 19, 2014

The Park Day Picnic! by Hana Sabrine Hubert

             On Sunday May 18th, 2014, Zakat Foundation held a picnic at Fox Point Park with a breathtaking view of the Delaware River. The day was sunny and slightly breezy. Friends and families gathered in this lovely day to share a meal of grilled beef and hot dogs as well as fruits and desserts. Some adults took the time to take a stroll while enjoying the view. 

                The park was a perfect setting for kids to let loose and have some fun. Many of them were seen  having fun playing in the playground while others played a game of football. There were also those who rode their bikes and scooters all around the park. There was three legged races, which I participated in,  and balloon races. 
                 The Rescue Rangers had a table to advertise their latest fundraising which is for the children's  hospitals. We are raising awareness about rare diseases that affect young kids and the possibility of being an organ donor. We gave away a beautifully decorated cake and also passed out survey questionnaires on organ donation. Most people were not organ donors, but some wanted to be, which means that in the future they might become one! Out 17 people, only two were organ donors, and 6 would like to be. We hope to do more surveys in various different places to raise awareness about organ donation.

              All in all, it was a lovely day to spend some time having fun.


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