Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spring Picnic

At the picnic on May 18th there were fun games and delicious foods.  All the people including me had an awesome time. We kids had fun playing at the playground, riding our bikes or scooters, and running around in the field. There were also a game which was three legged race. It was really fun playing that game. The adults had fun relaxing and talking with their family and friends. The foods were even better. There was barbecued hot dog and burgers that's smell filled the air. The Rescue Rangers also had a table. There you could sign up for our upcoming summer camp, donate to sick children, or fill in our survey. In the survey it had 2 questions. 1. Are you a organ donor? 2. If not, are you interested in becoming one. We got 17 people to fill it in. There was also a cake that read "Rescue Rangers". It was very yummy. That picnic day was a vary fun and exciting.

The Delicious Cake
Having fun in the park!

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