Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bangladesh Facts

We are raising money for many countries to buy cows and sheep for them. One of the countries is Bangladesh. I will give you some facts about this country.

* Dhaka is Bangladesh's capital
This is the flag of Bangladesh
* They speak in bangali, maybe english
* Its population is about 141 million
* 26 % of Bangladesh's population is poverty
* 4 major religions, Islam, Hinduism,Christianity, and Budshism
* Islam is 88 % of Bangladesh
* The flag is green and has a red circle in the middle. (look at the right)
* Has a tropical monsoon climate
* It is located at the estern of India
* Currently, it is 84 degrees
* Major Cities: Chittagong(2.8 million), Khulna(1.8 million)Rajshahi(1 million)

This is where Bangladesh is located
Those are some basic fact about Bangladesh. Please help us raise more money for this country and others. We really need your help. We can't do it without you!

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