Thursday, September 4, 2014


I previously told you about Burkina Faso, and now I think you ought to know about Ghana. Not to be confused with the similarly-sounding Ghaza, Ghana is in the western side of Africa, surrounded by Burkina Faso to the north, Cote D'ivoire to the west, and Togo to it's East. As for south of it—there's nothing but ocean!
Ghana has many cities, some of the larger ones being Wa and Kumasi, and Accra it's capital. With an estimated 20 million people, Ghana is a rather populated country, ruled by John Dramani Mahama.
Although I have not even begin to cover the many exiting and intriguing facts about this not well known country, I shall close with the fact that Ghana is—at least to me—a truly fascinating place.

Ghana is one of those we are helping with the life stock purchase. Lives are changed for  the better with our involvement. Thanks to those individuals that helped us make a difference in others lives. 

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