Friday, October 24, 2014

Delaware Can: CANdo'ers

          I am a member of a group of kids called the Can-Doers, who are youth of ages 4 to 16. This is our second year participated in the DelawareCAN project, and we hope to continue to have it in the following years. The Can-Doers create a 3D structure entirely out of cans, and give the cans to the Delaware Food Bank so that the poor and needy can have food to eat.
          Thinking of the structure to create, and planning out how to make it was the subject of the first few meetings that took place once or more times a week. We thought of what we will create, how many cans it will take to build it, then we set out to raise funds to get the required cans.
          Building the structure itself was the most interesting and interactive step. With the cans provided, we stacked, aligned, and arranged cans till the image we had in our heads came to life. We decided the focal point would be a well, so we did. In the first meeting where we started building the well, we constructed almost all of it. But there needed to be some changes too.  There was going to be a Mario character beside the well, but, since that proved challenging  to create only with cans.We decided to be creative and build a gate instead. difficult, a gate . We added the words: Water Is Life made out of juice boxes. After countless hours of work and meetings at last, our creation has finally been completed, and we owe it all to teamwork.

            Creating the well took a lot of effort and time, but together, we made it come to life so to speak. It goes to show how, under the right circumstances, anything is possible when you work together. I'm glad I am member of this wonderful group, and I encourage others to be part of something that joins a community for the greater good. 
The first step

The second step

The third step

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