Monday, December 15, 2014

what a year for Rescue Rangers by Adam H.

          I am fortunate that I am a part of the Rescue Rangers. I am an active member. I have helped raise money for the poor. We held events at the ZF center so we can bring people in to help support us. The Can-doers met to build a well out of food cans. We collected a lot of cans to feed the hungry  in Delaware for the food bank. We had so much fun building the well. We couldn't have done it without friends helping us. A lot of  people came to our movie events. I helped make a skit with my sister. We had an opportunity  to bring people in so they can come to support us. I learned a lot by being part of the Rescue Rangers. I learned about countries such as Philippines, Indonesia, India, Ethiopia and so much more. I got to go to a hospital in Philadelphia to help kids with rare diseases. My favorite part is the movie because I helped collect money. It made me feel responsible. I enjoy helping people. I look forward to doing more things in the future.

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