Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mariam Patel - ZF Rescue Ranger 2014 Report

I liked the CAN DO-er project because we had fun making stuff out of cans. I liked it when we made the well. We worked together as a team to build it. The boys tried to make Mario but it kept on falling. Instead they made a fence around the well. We made the well with a lot of cans and we put a bucket for the little thing that pulls up water. Once the judges came to see the well we gave the cans to the local food bank so that the needy people could have some. We also won the award for being the most creative team.

The rare disease day which my dad organized was also fun. I liked the skits that we made along with my friends. We learned about a few different diseases which are very rare. We did lots of research and we found that the names of the diseases were very difficult to spell and pronounce.

I also learned that it is nice to help people in need. And with a good team helping people can also be fun.

Mariam Patel
ZF Rescue Ranger

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