Friday, December 26, 2014

My year as a Rescue Ranger

I have been part of the Rescue Rangers team since 2013. Every year we do interesting projects. Here is a report on my 2014 projects. 

My favorite projects were the Rare Disease Awareness project and the ‘CAN Do-ers’. The Rare Disease Awareness Day was conducted on April 19th. This year we also added the organ donation theme to the program since April is also called ‘Donate Life’ month. In the program we did many skits with my friends to raise awareness about special needs children. Also my dad shared a slideshow about my transplant journey.

For the ‘CAN DO-ers’ project we initially tried to make a Mario just like the game super smash bros but then we decided to make a fence around the well that the girls’ team had made.  All the cans were donated to the local food bank. To close the year, we did a winter coat campaign which ended on Dec 2nd on the ‘Giving Tuesday’ Day.

In all these projects I learned that helping people is good for the people that you help and it is also good for us as we feel good after helping others. And working as a team was fun.

Yusuf Patel
ZF Rescue Ranger

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