Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I know for some people libraries are nothing special, and reading might not be fun for others. Here is the catch everyone can't experience all the books you can find at libraries normally if you were to go to a nearby library. Like adults and children at hospitals who don't have much fun and they would want something for them to entertain them. Libraries are fun and special to me for two simple reasons is that I love reading, and I can access most of the books I want. People at hospitals can't though and I know that for a fact that some children or adults love to read but can't find anything worth reading. Reading is something fun but also good for you. It practices your reading skills and the book could talk about informative information about a topic. Honestly in my opinion, a lot of people often don't appreciate books and how interesting every book out there could be. You just have to put out the idea out there. There is so many themes and topic that they're endless. My favorite theme is science-fiction or action like a adventure. Of course I almost like all themes but of course not all but I know for sure there is other topics I never read about. Keep looking for good books and keep your eyes open. Not everybody can do that. That's we are collecting books for children's hospitals, for people to be entertained and so their mind can keep working. It could put happy thought and excitement in them. Books are something important that people should pay attention to more often. One thing I ask is when is the last book you read for your own good and not because your school made you, your parents, or something along those lines? Keep something in mind books can strengthen your brain. Libraries are something important and valuable to humans. Libraries are good for accessing books. Hope you read something you like for your entrainment as long as you can access a library or books. Remember one last thing libraries are a nice area to learn, and read a fun book.

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