Saturday, March 28, 2015

We finished our Goal!!

These are the cupcakes I made. (supposed to be baymax)
Yay!!! The Rescue Rangers raised more than 1000 books by the end of March. We finished our goal!! From our movie night we raised more than 450 books, which was a lot! I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed the movie, I know I did. For the movie night, I made cupcakes that looked like one of the main characters. I was glad to be helping in my own way too. We also had popcorn there. I think this project was one my favorite. As we were raising books for sick kids I realized how much I love books. I love going to the library or the bookstore. For kids in hospitals I know how much you need to read a book, especially when you are staying in the hospital for more than a week. I know many kids in hospitals will like to read the books we donated. I can't wait to start our next project!!!!
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Books always have a good story in them, and reading them
is one of my favorite hobbies.