Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Having Fun Whlie working for the greater good.......

As our team continues to raise funds for the Philippines, we held an event at Boscov’s where people could enjoying shopping and at the same time got a chance to meet and greet the Rescue Rangers. We sold custom made bracelets, delicious brownies, home made bread filled with cheese and cupcakes. We all worked together to make and bake stuff for the Boscov’s event. We worked as a team and we got everything done that we needed to do, also spread the awareness about our project . The best part of being a Rescue Ranger is that you got to experience working together and showing teamwork. I personally had an amazing time being a part of this team and also the design manager who helped out making flyers. It was fun when we got to go to stores and Farmers market to raise funds and were able to provide roof a lot people who had lost their home due to the Typhoon in Philippines.

We also made colorful posters to advertise. When I joined the Rescue Rangers I got to use my creativity, I explored new stuff, learned to work as a team. This whole experience taught me to be more thankful to Allah for the thing I have been blessed with and makes me feel really happy that my team members and I were able to make a difference and bring a smile on a certain number of people. I pray that I can continue to do my part in helping and reaching out to people in any way I can.

Adeeba Allimulla.

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