Saturday, January 4, 2014

RIS Convention

Last week I went to Canada for the RIS convention. We had a booth there for ZF. The Rescue Rangers also had a small table at the booth. We sold bracelets and had a donation box. 4 Rescue Rangers including me were there staying at the table. Those 4 were Yusuf Patel, Mariam Patel, Meryem Kose, and me. Yusuf Patel went around to people and asked, "Do you want to help people who don't have houses?"  Not many could say 'no' to that question.  So he collected about $100 the first day! Meanwhile Meryem, Mariam, and I made bracelets to sell. Lots of girls came to our booth to look at the bracelets and choose one. Two girls even came to help us make bracelets. Alhamdullilah we raised about $200 at the convention. Overall we had lots of fun selling bracelets and raising money for Philippines.

The two girls  helping us make bracelets.

-Huda Kose
The 4 Rescue Rangers from Delaware


  1. You guys did a great job and worked really hard at RIS. Yusuf was awesome at his job. He talked clearly and made people want to donate. Even when his legs were tired, he only rested for a short while before getting back to work. The girls were great at making pretty bracelets and matching rings. Even people who already knew how to make them bought the RR's bracelets because they were so pretty!

  2. Keep up the good work and really proud of all you young kids who are trying to make a difference for a great cause!!!!

  3. Thanks Huda for the nice summary. It was really fun talking to people at the convention!

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