Monday, January 6, 2014

Raising funds in another country

I went to Toronto, Canada with my family last week for the RIS convention. There we met lots of people. Rescue Rangers had also setup a booth to raise funds for Typhoon Haiyan victims. There were so many other booths but we were the only ones raising funds for Philippines. We talked to so many people and told them about the Rescue Rangers. Most of them were very helpful and donated money. Some of them signed up for the news.

At the end when we were counting the money, it was interesting to see both US Dollars and Canadian Dollars in the collection box. Canadians call a dollar 'loonie' and two dollars 'toonies'. Loonies and Toonies come in coins and not paper currency.

The one thing we learned with this experience is that if you are doing something good then it is very easy to tell people about it and to make them help. It does not matter whether you are in USA or in Canada.


  1. very well written Yusuf. I also like "loonies and the toonies " part and i actually didn't know that part about the Canadian currency.


  2. wow its so interesting that you went beyond U.S.A to introduce rescue rangers to others. I hope inshallah that in the future there will be more branches for the rescue ranger team.

  3. Thank you Anaum and Shems ! Yes it was really fun talking about the project at the convention!

  4. Very well written Yusuf! i am glad that you got to go and raise money for the Philippines.