Tuesday, December 31, 2013


On the day of the bake sale there was also a fun activities day too. There was a lot of things to do, but my job was keeping an eye out at making bracelets. A lot of people made bracelets. This surely was fun. I got to help people make bracelets while I was making some! I hope we can do this again, but everyone changes their job to see how the other experience was to them. All my friends were there. There were a bunch of fun things to keep you on your feet and occupied. Although there was a lot of fun things my favorite was my own, making bracelets. Still all of the activities were very fun and really good. I guess all the activities were my favorite. I hope we can do another and others can come. This day was memorable and a keeper to all that came.

My activity was to make bracelets out of beads!

There Was Also A Lego Arcade, But There
Were Much More Things To Do Too!

Sand Art
Sand art was also a activity there!

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  1. making bracelets was one of my favorite activitys as well. Everyone did an amazing job at making sure everyone had some fun ,i hope we may resume our sucess in the future inshallah.