Sunday, December 22, 2013

On Dec 19 we had an activity day and bake sale. Every rescue ranger held an activity booth. We had lots of fun games. We had sand art, clay art, face painting, beads, target shots, lego arcade, limbo, and lots more. One of the most fun activities was sand art. In sand art we got sugar and put it on a tray. On the tray we rubbed chalk on the sugar. Then we mixed it together and it became a new color. Then we drew on the tray. The entry fee was only $5. Every thing else was free. In the end we raised $45. From the bake sale and fun activity day we raised $1,445. Now we only have 3 more roofs left to provide a total of 41 roofs for 41 families. I hope you want to be part of those three roofs!

In this picture rescue ranger, Meryem and Anaum
 are playing with sand art.

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  1. i hope we get those 41 families their roofs be ethn allah.