Sunday, December 15, 2013

Home is a special place for every person

Home means where you live. It also has needs and wants but one thing is that home is where love is. Home is also where your family is. Home is nice, it's not chaos. Think about your home, think about how you live. Now think about the Philippines. They have no more houses because of the typhoon. Imagine your family without a house, how would they feel and how would you feel. You would feel unsafe and sad, right.

Thats how the filipinos feel today. A home does not have to be big with lots of rooms. Even a simple hut is home because home is where love is. Right now in Philippines they need roofs. Please send $60 for one roof. We need more than 1 roof, we need a lot of roofs. It will be kind to send extra money if you want to. Or you can spread the word to your friends so that more people can know about it. And more roofs can be build in Philippines.

Thank you

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