Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hana S. Hubert: Lending a Helping Hand

        On December 19th, a bake sale took place at the Zakat Foundation. It's amazing what 60 dollars can do. For just that amount, one of the most basic needs is fulfilled for a family in the Philippines, because that's how much money it takes to build a roof. The bake sale was very successful. Not only was the food delicious, but at the same time, the Rescue Rangers had a fun area for the other kids that came.
          The Rescue Rangers got to pick their own activities so we all ended up having ones we enjoyed. I'm an artist, and I was doing face painting, so it was so much fun for me to practice painting on so many smiling faces. The children came excited, and left joyful and the whole room seemed to be full of cheer. The tables were neatly arranged, and bright, colorful signs hung from the smooth white paper that draped over them. To be there that day, it's truly a glorious thing. I have many interests, but I enjoy art the most. For me, there was no better activity, and the best part was the money we raised went straight to the Philippines, and bought roofs for the people there. It feels good to share my passion with others, and at the same time helping people in need. Hadith 36: “Allah is helping the servant as long as the servant is helping his brother.” I'm proud to be part of a group that is so dedicated to helping those in need, Alhamdulliah.  So far we have done 2 projects, a food package distribution & raised enough money for roof materials for 41 families.  That is truly a wonderful thing. 

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  1. Indeed it is . I hope the philipines get their roofs and be secure and happy inside their houses.