Thursday, December 12, 2013

Home Sweet Home

As you know we live in our homes, and you might complain how small it is or why you don't like it. It doesn't matter! We have somewhere to sleep and live. What about in the Philippines they have nowhere to sleep. They are homeless,sad to say, and the typhoon knocked, swept, and broke their houses. Think about it. I may say my living space is small and I want my own room. When I think about it, I don't care I have a small home and I am happy to say it is my home sweet home. I can't imagine how bad it would be to be homeless out in the cold. Before you complain that you want to move to a better home, think about the Philippines and how it would be to be homeless. Where would I be without my home? I would be living out in the street without food, water, maybe even family. I would do anything to save homeless people I find in the world. That is why I want to help kids in Bogo City have homes.

You could help out now by just a simple easy and fun way.  Help us by donating and also by coming to our Bake Sale & fun day at Zakat Foundation this Thursday, Dec. 19th.

Okay know you know Bogo city houses need roofs, right? You think it would cost a lot of money, but you are wrong! $60 is enough for a family's roof. Our goal is to provide 41 or more families in Bogo city with a roof.
As you see this is what the typhoon did it's very sad. 

                                                       HOME SWEET HOME!!