Saturday, December 14, 2013

Home is a blessing.

There many reasons for me to be thankful in life and one of them is “ Home sweet home”.
To me home is where I feel safe and is my sanctuary. It is a place I can call it my own. It is where I relax, sleep, and where I spend most of the time with my precious family. Home is where you spend every cheerful and sad moment with family. Can you imagine not having a house, a comfy bed to sleep ,and having any place to relax. The thought of not having a family and a roof over my head brings tears and scares me. Due to the typhoon many people have lost their homes. A lot of kids lost their rooms, their beds and favorite toys. Alhamdulillah that we have a safe home which is a true blessing and other luxuries that we have and sometimes don’t thank enough. When I saw some of the pictures and the destruction caused in Philippines, I felt very sad . A lot of them who survived the Typhoon have lost everything they own and are struggling in poverty. We should all be glad for things that we have. So my friends and I are trying to make a difference in those people’s lives by helping in any way we can and I know it would in turn bring happiness for the people of Philippines.

Adeeba-9 years old