Monday, December 16, 2013

Home Is For All

When you have no home, you feel sad. And the people of Philippine feel sad too. They don't have any home. Because the typhoon destroyed their homes and schools.

We are trying to help. The Philippines need food, shelter and clean water.  My friends and I are trying to raise money to make homes for them. We want to make it easy for them.

Can you all help us, please!
You can donate money to our group Zakat Foundation Rescue Rangers. You can also come visit us on 19th December at Zakat Foundation. We will have a bake sale and fun activities.

Hope to see you there,

1 comment:

  1. Abrar,

    This is a wonderful thing you and your friends are doing! With your permisson, I will print the flyer and post it, in case other kids can help. I cannot imagine what a difficult time this must be for the people affected. I'm so happy that you and your friends have found a way to help :).


    Ms. Baynum